About Us

Bollywood Posterelic is the one-stop webstore of Bollywood's Original Hand painted Posters and lobby cards collection which is handpicked and rare. 
You may find the Bollywood's wide vintage collection of hit cinema's, classic artists and National award-winning movies, posters and lobby cards beginning from the year 1941 and at unbelievably affordable and reasonable prices which are collected from across the country.

Therefore, our USP is our Product and its uniqueness.

Apart from hobby collector’s, our authentic hand painted old Bollywood movie posters are the ideal wall hangings for display at your home/office or commercial establishments such as cafes, restaurants, motels, hotels, DVD stores, boutiques, dance studios, salons, etc.

We are for what we deal in and take pride in ourselves for what we deliver to You!

Our policy is first come first serve basis, i.e Once the poster is sold out we do not put the same movie poster and or lobby cards again for sale, as it is Oiliest!

Attention: We do not deal in replica, first copy or Just similar to look alike the Vintage collection. 
We believe, assure and deliver Originality.


We accept orders worldwide. Prices are Inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Our Team

  • Mr. Kumar

    Founder & CEO

  • Ms. Mamta Vijay Kumar

    Co-Founder and Sales Head

  • Mr. Mandar Patil

    Development and Support

  • Mr. Abhishek Singh

    Marketing Head

  • IT Team

    IT and Development Team